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Audit by CPA

The IRS can request audits to verify the accuracy of a taxpayer’s returns or other transactions. ContadorMiami can prepare and examine financial records to help defend your business against an audit. Our team of professionals is led by a CPA. Let us defend your business.


More Info
  • Audit My Business
  • Occasionally, the IRS or the State Department will select your business to be audited. This does not mean you or your business did something wrong or incorrectly. Sometimes the audit selection process is totally random while other times there is a specific reason for the audit. Either way, our CPA Team Member can help you with your audit.
  • Reasons for an Audit

  • Random Decision by IRS or State Department
  • Incorrect or Not Complete Filing
  • Inconsistent Filing

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  • How The Audit Process Works
  • Not all audits are the same. The first step in an audit is to see the year(s) or period of time pertaining to the audit request. The audit will usually give enough information to determine what information is being requested. Once we gather the information, our CPA Department will review the necessary information and disclose our findings.
  • Step 1 – Get the appropriate information
  • Step 2 – Do our own analysis of the information that was gathered
  • Step 3 – Create a Response to the original Audit Letter
  • Step 4 – Wait for a Response by the Government
  • Step 5 – Negotiate A Payment Plan in Necessary
  • Other Info – Audits start at $1999 but could increase in price depending on the type of audit and length of time it takes to conclude the audit.
  • An audit generally takes a long time. Some audits could last more than 1 year. Once we meet with the auditor we will better be able to determine the length of time necessary for a solution to your audit.

Bookkeeping For My BusinessPayroll SolutionsTax Returns in USA